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Shout out


YWCA and Amy Schaeuble, Executive Director
The YWCA has been an integral partner in developing Counting Stars, Inc. Their team has been supportive of the mission and vision from the very beginning. This partnership allows our clients to access a beautiful space with a therapy pool, fitness centers, a large gym, and two remodeled classrooms to meet our needs. Counting Stars, Inc. wouldn’t be possible without the YWCA and their amazing staff!
Top Hat Marketing and Bob Jahnke
Starting a business from the ground up can be a daunting task. Bob has been there to share numerous free marketing resources and advice since the beginning of this journey. His knowledge and experience has helped Counting Stars, Inc. focus on how to tell our story and how we can help spread the word and make a bigger impact!
SCORE and Laure Haak
The Canary Fund was the first grant Counting Stars, Inc. applied for. The team at The Canary Fund graciously gave us $2,000 to use towards new sensory items, large comfy bean bags for alternate seating, and the painting supplies and new trim for one of our classrooms. They believed in us and our mission before we were even fully established. Thank you for the support and helping to make this dream come true!
von Briesen Law Firm:Bill Woodward and Nick Lubenow 
Greater Green Bay Chamber


Brown County Children’s Long Term Care: Christina Courtney and Molly Hillmann


Ron Franklin and David Vander Bloomen


Paroubek Insurance and Mike Paroubek


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